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Voices of Foster Care

Adopt Our Curriculum ~ Make the Documentary with us.

Voices of Foster Care is a 3-year mass-comm and live event education and production plan. We have partnered with The Oakland Film Company to bring our entertaining and informative content to fruition in back-to-back releases of art, books, soundtracks, films, and fashion for fundraising.


Our programs keep young people gainfully employed in entertainment-related work training when they are at the most pivotal and vulnerable point in their lives, from age 18 to 30 years old. We offer safe spaces and opportunities for music, speaking, business, and personal growth.




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Hampton Soul FestIVAL WORKSHOP

The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop is an outstanding music initiative that offers an immersive eight-week course in music skills development and professional, industry-standard live stage production to recent college graduates, college students, and young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. At the end of the workshop, the students co-create the Hampton Soul Fest, a live instrument-based showcase at the new East Hampton Community Park in front of a live audience of Hampton residents and supporters from all over Henry County. Learn more at HamptonSoulFest.com.

Refreshing Souls in Hampton, GA


The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop and Hampton Soul Fest are led by grass-roots community efforts that include collaboration with visual and performing, and members of The Hampton, Mayor Tarpley’s Office, Mainstreet, Merchants, and Community Members. Hampton Soul Fest is arguably our first film project, though it is b-roll material intended to be used in the first Voices of Foster Care documentary film series, Where the Rainbow Hides: A Homestead Act. This footage is part of our development process and features interviews, rehearsals, live stage production, performance, and public speaking clips of our Young Adult Management Team as they prepare to become leaders for Student Participants of the Voices of Foster Care initiative.



Also known as HIP Inc., Holter Intellectual Property Incorporated is the home of the Voices of Foster Care initiative, and the Coffy Talk community, creating soul-healing curriculums for social change, personal wellness, and artistic growth. We offer internships and gainful employment to creatives who are interested in documentary films, podcasts, publishing, audio recording, and live music events.


The HIP Team is passionate about delivering exceptional creative art and professional development services through our team of elders, young adults, and business and entertainment professionals. To artists, we are a home base; the perfect place to come and recharge for the path ahead of you. We offer classes, mentorship, self-esteem-building projects, and on-the-job training. To producers and collectors of innovative art, we are a gold mine peppered with music, theater, visual art, lyrics, literature, and choreography. To supporters of we are a treasure chest of skills and on the ready public aid art, to keep your heart rich.

Jessica Holter is a writer, public speaker, and Creative Director of Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated, a nonprofit organization in Georgia where she develops curriculum for Health and wellness and Creative Community Edutainment. Her newest projects include The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop, the annual Hampton Soul Fest, Voices of Foster Care, and a new documentary film series, Where the Rainbow Hides: A Homestead Act. 


Jessica Holter's H.I.P. Team is Artist-in-Residence at D'Wayne Wiggins' Electric Church in Hampton Georgia where you can meet to create films, music, podcasts, special events, and classes. Holter is actively building connections with community members and artists throughout Henry County to create innovative projects with public benefits.


Holter's work in the HIV/AIDS sector garnered accolades among scholars when she created the Punany Project in 1995 in response to the untimely death of Eric Eazy E Wright from AIDS. She published Punany: The HIP Hop Psalms, a coffee table book complete with hip-hop flavored imagery and public health anecdotes in 1997, gaining the attention of HBO producer Patti Kaplan. The 11-minute television feature led to the production of her S.E.T. program a performance-based traveling ensemble, commonly known as The Punany Poets, which celebrated 29 years "in the business of love" on February 14th, 2024.


Holter's books are available through Simon & Schuster at Simonsays.com.


Look for her workbooks, textbooks, and visual art at CoffyPop.com.