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Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated is an Education-based Nonprofit Organization, serving our Norcross community and Greater Atlanta with resources for self-enhancement. Come by and see us at the HIP Learning Annex in Norcross for cool classes, local tours, artistic activities and creative community service. 

"They have survived the system that produces 80% of inmates on death row. Now, as they age out of the foster care system, these 6 young men must face their greatest critics, a live, worldwide audience, watching as they step into their manhood and find their voices on stage.”


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It is said that public speaking is the #1 fear of human-kind. Indeed, effective communication is a universal key, that can open many doors, including that of the American oval office. In fact, we have seen this in full demonstration with the elections of President Obama and President Trump. While politically, polar opposites, both men, swayed a nation to extreme firsts, with powerful words. Yet, despite its necessity, Public Speaking is only an often overlooked elective in public school, when and if it is available.  Project C.O.V.E. (Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence) is a bold new initiative in Georgia, which hypothesizes that improved communication skill, can change the trajectory of a person's life and well being, for, the man who can command an audience is prepared for all reason, and has little need for primordial response to adversaries.  Read More


Dr. Nyrobi Moss, Producer Adult Night School


A Home Brew in progress @ 7 Stages

Jessica Holter and the HIP Team tackle the difficult subject BDSM vs abuse in a cutting edge stage play in development. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Nyrobi, Heidi or Katya at (404) 523-7647.