2018 Agency Annual Report


          Two thousand eighteen was a year of building and growth for Holter Intellectual Property, Inc. We fulfilled our vision of using arts and education to reach nearly 10,000 people in small theaters and community centers from New York to California with our adult education theater programs. We gathered data on needed self-development practices and interests and introduced conversations about current trends in African American health issues, sexual health, HIV, including PrEP and PEP (with predominantly African American female audiences.) We continued with our self-publishing assistance program online and made plans to expand into our first classroom space. We hit a major milestone in our plan to begin our Commercial Driver’s License Workforce Development initiative when we receive the donation of a 22 passenger bus. We expanded our online outreach from 7,000 to nearly 40 thousand across all social media platforms. By the end of 2018 we increased our active agency memberships from 111 to 365. Finally, 2018 also delivered a budding relationship with new partners including Tiers Free Alternative Diploma Program and Georgia State University student teachers who are invested in working with Collective Oratory Voices of Excellence, our speech program for Fostered Youth and Sex Trafficked girls. 


The year 2019 has been a year of great expansion and firsts for The HIP Team. Below you will find some links to some of our projects in development. Feel free to join us and volunteer at fundraising events. We still have some great artists contributing to our SET theater program, who welcome community support.