Voices of Foster Care

Historical Oratorical 

and Documentary

We appreciate your interest in Voices of Foster Care. This public speaking & wellness program was created by Writer, Jessica Holter and Yogi, Ami Brown, both women are adult foster kids who are passionate about sharing their wellness and communications curriculum with the world in an unprecedented documentary film with a fiery soundtrack, and accompanying book. 


As curriculum creators for human development, we aim to establish Voices of Foster Care as a satellite initiative to support young individuals who are aging out of foster care. Our primary subjects are Self-Awareness (Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Movement) and Communications (Public Speaking, Self-Management, Conflict Resolution). Efficacy will be key in part two of this artistic brew of learned production skills and natural musical gifts as the student participants collaborate with our young adult production crew to create the Voices of Foster Care Historical Oratorical, live event.


Our first film day is coming up soon. We would love to connect with supporters ASAP. 





Jessica Holter, Writer





Ami Brown, CYT, CMT





Healer and Musician Kofi will join the young adult producers of Voices of Foster Care with his combined gifts of music, healing, and magic. Yes... Magic. His healing program for young men is an exercise in spiritual fearlessness, through meditation and sound.


Musician Mia is not only a filmmaker, she lends her talents as a music instructor and musician to the film and soundtrack of Voices of Foster Care.